Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Postcard from Iguazu

I've gone for the Spanish spelling of Iguazu Falls because, even though I was on holiday in Portuguese-speaking Brazil, I took this photo on the Argentinian side of the river. The actual border crossing is on a far less exciting concrete bridge some way downstream of the Falls and involves officials, bureaucracy and queues. On the river, nature sweeps all that aside and just says, 'I'm coming though'.

When you stand at the end of the walkway to the edge of the largest of the falls you can't be anything but impressed. The noise is overwhelming, the drop alarming and, even though you're experiencing only the tiny fraction of water which rises as spray, you're drenched. There isn't really any need for the health and safety signs which, thanks to the Brazilians employing a comedy translator, read 'Do not overtake the bannisters'.

The language doesn't matter. You only need one word: wow.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Postcard from the United Nations

This scale-replica of a UN office in Geneva came to Birmingham as part of Fierce Festival. It was a delight to see the chosen dachshunds taking their seats as representatives of various countries and likely that they managed to achieve as much in their 'meeting' as any UN council does. They certainly behaved well. Only a few tried to escape and their media coverage was overwhelmingly positive. Perhaps the world really should go to the dogs.

Can't say I was impressed by the entrepreneurial fast food vendor who'd set up stall to sell hot dogs next to the gathering though...