Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Postcard from Troon

It was a perfect winter's day. Cold enough to make your cheeks tingle but bright and dry enough that you don't care. I love sunsets as much as I love postcards, and a seaside sunset is the best kind.

Driving into the low sun is a pain of course – the combination of the glare below the visor and the salt-splattered windscreen made visibility awkward. Troon was well worth the trip though. The seafront walk is bracing and beautiful, there was a Christmas craft fair on in the tiny concert hall and we found the perfect café.

With home baking and frothy coffees the Beach Café is a trip back to the 1950s – including the décor, but even that is appealing. The lady in charge bustles about taking care of her customers and adding to the feel that you're visiting her living room. This kind of place couldn't survive in a busier town. Troon doesn't know how lucky it is.

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