Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Postcard from the seaside

Surf's up! Well, it looks a bit rough actually. So much for a holiday in the sun, Fuerteventura's famous winds blew a lot of cloud my way. The kite surfers were well served; the sunbathing book readers weren't so impressed.

On this hazy day we travelled from the soft dunes of Corralejo to the lava shores of El Cotillo (pictured), taking a loop through the mountains of Betancuria. Perhaps in the photo you can just make out the mountains in the distance? So much varied landscape in one small island, and all so much greener than expected because, just my luck, it's rained a lot recently.

Of course, one of the best things about being beside the seaside, is eating a meal at a beachside restaurant, looking out across the water (and eating fish caught in those waters). The food certainly made up for the weather; although, some sunbathing was managed - with interruptions.


Timberati said...

Perhaps you are a rain goddess, such as the one in the Douglas Adams' stories (his story had a man who the clouds loved and wanted to be near him).

postcardsfromk said...

Perhaps the elements are fighting over me? This afternoon has been beautifully warm and sunny in Birmingham - crocuses are bursting out all over and sunglasses were required for the drive home. I hope the sunshine wins the fight.