Thursday, May 21, 2009

Postcard from the Globe

Not the original building, obviously! London's south bank looks rather different from Shakespeare's day. I don't think there are records of what the first 'Globe' looked like, but this one was constructed using the best available information and traditional techniques. It's certainly more attractive than the concrete hulk of its near neighbour, the National Theatre.

Walking along this stretch of the Thames is an architectural cocktail. As well as the theatres, Tate Modern looms out of the old Bankside power station, the OXO tower casts a long shadow over the river and the path diverts into cobbled streets, including the site of the Clink prison. It's not all grim; there are plenty of pubs and even the odd stretch of 'beach'.

Distinct lack of forest though. Which gives the opportunity to post this photo that nature watchers will realise is a few weeks old. These bluebell woods are in Warwickshire and are reputed to be part of the original Forest of Arden, where Shakespeare may have wandered and which provided him with his setting for As You Like It – a play you could see if you visited the Globe this summer. I don't just throw this stuff together you know!


Timberati said...

Thanks, it may be a while before I get to see those places in person. We can see Shakespeare performed in Ashland, Oregon about 6 hours north of us.

Glad to see you post again.


Lexi said...

The Globe and a bluebell wood - two things I like.

Torbrek rides through a bluebell wood in my first book, and Caz visits the Globe in my third...