Saturday, January 2, 2010

Postcard from Ferry Meadows

I can only apologise for the 'frozen lake' theme I've adopted in recent weeks.  The weather is entirely to blame. Although, both recent photos feature winter sunshine: a phenomenon which is always worth celebrating.

Ferry Meadows is on the outskirts of Peterborough.  As the city expanded in the 1960s, a smart solution to both the problem of how to use land which formed the floodplain of the Nene, and the desire to leave some areas undeveloped for wildlife and recreation, was found in one place.  The lakes were left over after gravel extraction, and now attract plenty of wildfowl.

Most importantly, the park makes a great venue for a new year's day walk: plenty of crisp, clear air to freshen the mind, good exercise as you make a circuit of the lakes, and great cakes at the rowing club cafe.  OK, so the cake consumption might have negated the healthy bonus of the length of the walk, but on a day that cold it was impossible to resist!

Happy New Year.


Timberati said...

I'm sure the cakes were healthy since you purchased them at the Rowing Club's Cafe.

postcardsfromk said...

Hi Norm. I'm not sure that people who row need to fret about calorie consumption though. I suspect they expend a bit more energy than I do after all.

Anyway, the cake was delicious and that's the most important thing!

altguy3 said...

Two days into the year and you're already talking about cakes!


postcardsfromk said...

And your point is..?

You always knew this would be the wrong place to hang out if you were after intellectual debate. If, however, you wish to join Norm and me in cake-related musings, you'll continue to be welcome!


altguy3 said...

So when's the next postcard coming? (you've had plenty of photo-ops lately).

Some of your devoted fans are suffering withdrawl symptoms!


postcardsfromk said...

You're like a demanding, though benevolent, stalker!
I may have been to some places other than Peterborough, but the weather didn't lend itself to postcard quality photographs. Just for you though, Guy, sandwich related musings coming soon...