Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Postcard from the park

Apologies for the break in service.  Several things have been going on, including completing the first draft of Park Life.  Edits are in progress and more postcards will follow.

This photo was taken during a reading, writing and painting workshop based in Cannon Hill Park during July.  The inspiration came from Thomas Hardy's The Woodlanders, as well as the park's own trees.  Some tree related imagery has worked its way into Park Life.  The setting remains in Birmingham rather than Wessex though, and the characters are somewhat less romantic than Hardy's.  As for my paintings, well those are probably best turned into mulch with the now falling leaves.


Lexi said...

Fab photo. Perhaps you are too modest about your paintings?

postcardsfromk said...

Hi Lexi
I can definitely assure you that I'm not! The piece I wrote for the workshop writing exercise made people laugh when it was intended to though. Can't ask for too many achievements in one weekend. A couple of laughs and a good photo will do me.

Timberati said...

Welcome back, K. I've missed your posts.

Strange you should mention Thomas Hardy. His name came up the other day.

I understand that Thomas Hardy claimed he could identify trees in the dark from the noise of the wind through their branches.

I think it's complete rubbish. One might be able to hear the difference between conifers (trees like pine, spruce, cedar, and yada yada yada) and broadleafs (i.e., oak, poplar, beech); that would be the extent of it. So IF one knew the exact elevation, aspect, and location; one might be able to say what tree the wind whistled through, but then one trained in dendrology--the identification of trees--would already have a decent idea as to what trees were there already.

Hardy was apparently a ladies' man and felt that this 'skill' would impress impressionable females. It never worked for me.

postcardsfromk said...

That does sound a strange skill to have perfected if it were possible. Not sure I'd have fallen for the line 'Come into the woods, I've something to show you...'


Timberati said...

Does sound rather creepy doesn't it?

My line was, "Would you like to see my pressed leaf collection?" I couldn't afford etchings during college.

Still have the pressed leaf collection some 40 years later.