Friday, February 18, 2011

Postcard from a book launch

It's always good to see a friend do well; so yesterday was a treat. The Afrika Reich by Guy Saville was launched and is already attracting great reviews.

The book is a gripping thriller set in an alternative history where a Nazi empire dominates Africa. The action races along and the characters with their complex motivations and emotional baggage demand your attention.

The plush 5th View bar at the Waterstones on Piccadilly was the venue for the launch party: a suitably impressive setting to celebrate what's sure to become a best seller. I started reading on my journey home. It's a sign of a good book when you almost miss your stop because you're so engrossed!

Guy's a brilliant, hard working writer and deserves his success. Look carefully at that photo: he can even spell my name correctly!


Lexi said...

Nice shot of Guy, K. And nice for us to know a successful new author right at the start of his career.

postcardsfromk said...

Absolutely. I'm sensing this book is going to be BIG!

Timberati said...

And, he's received a great review in the Economist, how cool is that?

I'm thrilled for him. I'm glad you could make his book signing. Were any other YWO alumni there (beside Lexi)?

postcardsfromk said...

Hi Norm
It was a lovely evening. Other YWO folk included Katherine Webb and Justine Windsor. I think the book's brilliant, and not just because Guy's a pal. It completely gripped me.

Hope you enjoy it too.


Timberati said...

I have a note from our post office that they have a package that's too large for my mailbox waiting at the PO's local branch.

I'd run right down to get it (I'm sure it's Guy's book), but it's Presidents' Day -- a federal holiday that's commemorated by holding mattress sales across the country--so the placed is closed.

On the bright side, I got a great deal on a mattress.

Guy Saville said...

Actually, I was very nervous about spelling your name incorrectly, Katharine... not that I ever do but after talking to lots of people, the speech and signing so many books my brain was getting frazzled. So I had to concentrate hard. (Should I really be revealing these trade secrets?).

Although I'm glad you were engrossed by the book, I'm perhaps more glad that you didn't miss your stop!

G x

Guy Saville said...

And to everyone else:

@Lexi - I hope you and K (and everyone else) will be along with me on my career for the long haul. And should I become fabulously successful it's the people I knew at the beginning who will matter the most and always get the VIP treatment.

For the launch of his book POMPEI, Robert Harris's publisher flew everyone to Italy. If my books ever go that big, I want you to know I'll make sure you're all booked on the flight to somewhere exotic. How about Casablanca for the launch of TAR3???

@Norm - I've been meaning to email to ask if the book has arrived yet!

postcardsfromk said...

Casablanca? Consider my bags packed!

Guy Saville said...

Of course, I'd feel more like a proper writer if I could spell POMPEII correctly!

I'll make sure they fly you out first Class, Katharine, and put you up in a suite!


Timberati said...

@Guy re: spelling Pompeii, as we writers (published and want to be) know, writing is rewriting. Besides, this is blogging, standards are not quite as rigorous as Hodding's.

The book is missing in action. The package that came in was another book I had ordered.

I will see Alan next month. Perhaps I can look at his copy.