Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Postcard from the Festival of Britain

You're right, the Festival of Britain was in 1951 and I don't own a TARDIS. So it's kind of the people at the South Bank Centre to put on a commemorative event for those of us not quite old enough to have experienced the original. There's a beach, a roof garden, really cute 1950s-style ice cream vans, and what you're looking at in this picture is world record bunting. As made by 21st century school children.

The 1951 event was intended to perk people up in a period of post war austerity. Let's not talk about the current state of the economy. Look at the bunting fluttering in the sun - doesn't it just make you smile?


Lexi said...

What strikes me is those poor trees - it depresses me the way councils butcher trees in London. And while constantly whingeing about cuts, they never seem to run out of money for vandalizing street trees.


Timberati said...

You're right Lexi. Worst pruning jobs ever. Plus, they've gone and covered up half the root systems with asphalt. Obviously with these austerity cuts they can't afford getting professional arborists. Poor trees. Nice bunting though.

Pretty spring day in the sun.

postcardsfromk said...

Does look a rather extreme haircut, doesn't it? I'm certain the trees are enjoying their day at the beach though!

There's a massive fox on the roof of the Hayward Gallery too. Seriously. Massive.