Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Postcard from the path

I've posted from Winterbourne before, but it's the kind of place which rewards a visit in all seasons. In fact, the cafe rewards a visit full stop.

You already know the only gardening I do is in the line of admiration rather than action, and that I'm fond of a cake, so what's new? Well, Winterbourne is owned by the University of Birmingham - a fine educational establishment which saw fit to confer a degree upon me - and both are in Edgbaston, which I've recently heard is the leafiest suburb in Western Europe.

Birmingham likes these kinds of claims. While other cities  make a lot of noise about how special they are, Birmingham comes up with fascinating facts such as 'more canals than Venice' (true, but hardly comparing like with like), or 'more parks than Paris'. And now the leaves. What I want to know is: who counted?

There are a lot of trees in Edgbaston and I'm thrilled my degree came with added leaf quotient. Another fact: last year a record number of tourists came to Birmingham. My top tip for visitors: take a stroll down this garden path and check out the cakes.


Lexi said...

Ooh, that does look nice. I can almost smell the lavender and hear the bees, though I can't quite taste the cake...

postcardsfromk said...

Virtual cake can be disappointing like that! Oddly, it's not lavender but catnip. Am surprised every cat in Edgbaston hasn't already moved in. Perhaps it's the wrong kind


Timberati said...

Catnip, hmm? Not lavender? Pretty flowers anyway. Love your stats on Birmingham.

BTW, we're having some London weather today. Odd for our Mediterranean climate. Bit of rain. Quite like it, actually. Not every day mind you.

Anyway, nice picture. May we see more, please?

postcardsfromk said...

Birmingham's had better weather than London recently. They've had unbearable heat followed by torrential storms, we're enjoying a lovely sunny evening.

Glad you like the picture, Norm. I wonder what you'd make of Edgbaston's trees. I noticed some of the horse chestnuts are suffering some kind of blight again this year.