Saturday, March 17, 2012

Postcard from the wood

I can't say I'd noticed this particular tree, until it was gone. It stood on the bank of the River Rea and I've walked past several times recently without noticing there was any kind of problem with it. That might be because I've actually been on 'kingfisher watch' hoping for a repeat of the sighting I had a week or so ago, or it might be a case of not seeing the tree for the woods.

When daffodils are blooming, birds are tweeting and other trees are coming into blossom or bud it was sad to see the exposed interior of this tree. I tried to count the rings but lost my way after a considerable number of years above my own age.

The cut surface will soon weather and the stump will be a great home for fungus and insect life, I'm sure. It was just sad today, with the potential of spring in the air, to see something come to an end.


Timberati said...

It looks like it was around 50-60 years old (I can't tell for sure, it looks to be under 100), which for some species is their lifespan.

postcardsfromk said...

I think you're right, Norm. I guesstimated over 60 years so it might have been old age or perhaps storm damage that was the problem. The tree was right by the path so would have to be made safe for passers by.


Guy Saville said...

Although the tree may have been cut down I'm sure its 'use' hasn't come to an end quite yet. The wood could be used for construction etc or maybe just on a fire to keep someone warm... which reminds me it's time to put another log on the fire!


postcardsfromk said...

You keep warm, Guy. Today hasn't felt spring-like at all here - hailstones and a chill wind.