Monday, May 7, 2012

Postcard from Rio

Rio's a huge city. There's loads to do. But in Zona Sul it's all about how little you can do and the best place for that is the beach.

Choose your patch of sand carefully though: each lifeguard 'poste' has its own sub-culture. I'm a long way from being trendy, and you know I'm also lazy, so it's a good job my nearest 'poste' was 11: family-friendly, so less pressure to look good.

No matter which poste you choose though, the soundtrack is the same: shouts of 'Olha o Globo!' from passing vendors. I don't know which food group Biscoito Globo fall within. They seem to be made of crunchy air and are either salted or sweet. The texture is like no biscuit you ever tasted and I'm convinced they have no calorific value. There's no need to inform me if you know otherwise.


Timberati said...

I love the padarias in Brasil. A little alguma coisa doce and a cafezinho. Life does not get better than that.

At the praia did you have a coconut water? Or was it cervaja solomente?

postcardsfromk said...

I'm not overstating things when I say I loathe coconut in any form! Got a bit of a taste for matte leao at the beach. I think it must be quite strong on the caffeine though.

Timberati said...

Apparently, Yerba Mate contains three xanthines: caffeine, theobromine and theophylline. Theobromine is why you get a boost from chocolate (not to mention the sugar rush--

Coca cola now owns Matte Leao (according to Wikipedia).

postcardsfromk said...

Am not sure any of that is good news!

Guy Saville said...

You know I've spent the last 5 mins trying to remember what my poste was... and can't. Shocking how the memory fades, esp given I must have sat or strolled by it every day for a couple of years. At least I still remember I lived in Leblon - that's something I suppose!

postcardsfromk said...

You may have been closer to 12 than 11, Guy, but those are the Leblon postes. Anyway, you performed spectacular feats of memory by managing to come up with restaurant recommendations in Rio!