Sunday, September 16, 2012

Postcard from Manchester

That title's misleading. I did spend two days in Manchester recently, but I mostly saw the Midland Hotel. After the restrained elegance of Hardwick Hall on my previous postcard, pulling up in front of this fa├žade could only cause culture shock.

It's striking, no doubt about that. And the interiors have style and variety of which modern hotels can only dream. It has stories too - Mr Rolls met Mr Royce there and look how well that turned out.

You can hear the 'but', can't you? I like to explore any place I visit, get a feel for it, find something out, not just see a hotel. So Manchester: I'm sorry, I missed you - the difficulties of travelling for work. The conference I attended just wasn't postcard material.

However, autumn is coming and I am plotting a trip to see some colours. I also have a few events for Park Life coming up. You can see details of those here.


Timberati said...

It looks all rather grand.

Katharine D'Souza said...

Built at a terminus in the days when train travel was glamorous.

Lexi said...

That's a nice little wyvern curled up in its hole. I love all Victorian architecture - they just couldn't do ugly the way modern architects do.

Katharine D'Souza said...

Thanks for supplying the identification, Lexi. Your knowledge of mythological creatures surpasses mine!
The building is nice, I just felt bad about not seeing Manchester.