Friday, October 9, 2009

Postcard from underwater II

County Hall used to be home to the Greater London Council. These days, the sharks there are real, and they're not afraid to show their teeth.
Palpable agression emanates from the tank, the quiet wisdom on the faces of replica Easter Island heads doing nothing to soothe its occupants.
Of course the aquarium staff are playing on the public's fears - piping tense music from speakers nearby, adding to the discomfort of standing there. Watching these fish swim isn't a relaxing experience; it is an interesting one though. The sharks are more compelling than any councillor could be.


altguy3 said...

Hey K

The GLC? ... Ken Livingstone? ... Sharks? ... How on earth do you come up with these connections? Looks like you’re a fish AND political expert!

Anyway, I was hoping that this postcard would be ‘Ice Cream Parlour II’. Better luck next time.

Catch up soon. G x

postcardsfromk said...

And there was me thinking that connection was too obvious! Elegant allusions are not quite my thing. And my fish I generally prefer with chips.

Ice cream to follow. I hope.


Lexi said...

Pish tush, K, the poor old sharks can't get anyone from behind the glass. And just compare the number of people killed by sharks, to the number of sharks killed by people. By rights, they're the ones who should be anxious.

postcardsfromk said...

Good point, Lexi (and nice new avatar by the way!) The sharks certainly inspired admiration. I'm just a little squeamish about all those teeth.