Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Postcard from Wells

Vicars' Close in Wells claims to be one of the oldest planned streets in Europe. Not that there haven't been renovations and improvement works: those chimneys were added in the fifteenth century to introduce some mod cons. And the streetlights are electric.

The changes of more recent years aren't so photogenic and explain the odd angle of this picture. Residents are now allowed to park their cars in front of their houses. The design of a twenty first century car may have a lot to commend it but, in this ancient street, you have to wonder what present day planning officials were thinking.

Vorsprung durch technik? Maybe not in this case.


altguy3 said...

Oh I do like a good chimney every now and then...

And did you know that 'Vorsprung durch technik' was one of the mottos of the SS?

Finally - what's happened to you photo?! You actually look like yourself for once! Where's the enigmatic, dreamy K of yesterday gone?


Off to complain about ebay now - who have just egregiously changed their P&P policy!

Catch up soon,

G x

altguy3 said...

Oops... in my haste to get on to some ebay bashing I made a typo:

you photo = YOUR photo (obviously)

postcardsfromk said...

There's clearly a gap in my knowledge of German history. Sadly there's no gap in my knowledge of the advertising slogans of German cars. You may think this highlights a flaw in my education. And you now have me worried about the subliminal message behind that campaign.

I only decided to change my photo because Lexi changed hers recently and made me wonder, 'how do you do that then?'. As for whether I look like myself, in this picture I have a glass of wine in my hand and a plate of cake by my side(cropped), which always helps.

I'll look out for further chimney postcard opportunities in the future.


Lexi said...

Did I hear my name?

Lovely photo (Wells, not you and the wine and cake, though that's not bad either). Are the chimneys so tall in order to get a good draft? They look very generously-proportioned.

I didn't know that about Vorsprung durch technik.

postcardsfromk said...

Hi Lexi
Some of the things Guy says give me cause for consternation; but we must admit that he is well informed.

That street is set in a bit of a hollow - between a hill and the cathedral - so perhaps some height is required for the chimneys to catch a breeze. Cute though, aren't they? Although, if anyone who lives there is reading this, they're probably muttering, 'yeah, why shouldn't we park our cars here, and the chimney would be a great place to stick a Sky dish, and as for these bleedin' tourists who keep wandering up the street...'

In Wells, it is claimed that there are swans who will ring a bell when it is time for them to be fed. It would have been less controversial for me to have featured them. I saw no swans however, so can only draw the conclusion that the swans died of greed and there is now a rare type of fois gras being served at dinner parties in Vicars' Close...


Alan Hutcheson aka Plumboz said...


As a photographer of little distinction but long standing enthusiasm myself may I say I like your "Postcards". It reminds me I need to carry my camera with me all the time, something I used to do even when that camera was a rather chunky Nikon 35mm.

postcardsfromk said...

Thanks, Alan! Since getting a digital camera I do try to carry it everywhere. What that usually means is that I lug a heavy bag around while forgetting until later that I could have taken photos.

'Be prepared' is only the first step. 'Engage brain' is the hurdle I often fail to clear.


Timberati said...

I agree that the postcards are a hit. I don't take a camera with me for our county. How mobile homes can one stand? Mobiles and Wal-Mart are our architectural wonders (as in I wonder who let that in?)

Alan Hutcheson aka Plumboz said...

But there are always the people. And sometimes it's the teeny details that make the best photo. I'll have to dig around to find it, but one of my favorite photos from a trip to Flagstaff was of a silly sign in a bookstore window. The point, as Fats Waller is credited with telling us, is "One never knows, do one?" when it comes to photo opportunities, just like "ooh! I need to write that down!" opportunities.

postcardsfromk said...

One never knows indeed. Hi Norm and Alan! Have to say there might be something in a series called 'Postcards from trees', Norm. Just an idea.

Timberati said...

Obviously I meant How many mobile homes can one stand?

I do post pictures of trees occasionally on my Timberati blog.

PLJAIKJ said...

For those who want to see more chimneys, click here:



postcardsfromk said...

Thank you, PLJAIKJ. That is an interesting chimney! And put me in mind of lighthouses and windmills, of which you know I am fond. Must put them on the 'Postcards' wish list.
K x