Monday, November 23, 2009

Postcard from Topsham

Just one final glimpse of the seaside for this year although, I admit it, this photo dates back a few months.  And, to be absolutely technically accurate, it's an estuary rather than the sea.
One thing Topsham is known for is the large number of pubs for the size of the town.  This photo was unsurprisingly taken from the front garden of one of them where I was sipping at a pint of locally brewed cider.  Sometimes folk from Exeter (ok, students) travel to Topsham to take part in a pub crawl around as many of the pubs as they can manage.  My question would be: why move from this one when the view is so perfect?
Winter sunsets can be magnificent of course, but they're not often experienced from pub gardens whilst quaffing cool cider.  I'm looking forward to next summer already.


Timberati said...

Great view. Mary and I have a favorite pub in the Portland, OR metro area. It's the McMenamin's pub on the Columbia River. Great view. We don't want to go anywhere else.

postcardsfromk said...

Hi Norm, a pub with a river view sounds like my kind of place. Should I ever find myself in Portland I'll meet you there for a beer!

Lexi said...

Another top photo.

What camera do you use?

postcardsfromk said...

Hi Lexi
glad you like it! My camera is nothing special: a Fuji Finepix point and shoot type that's a few years old. Although it does allow me some manual control when I can be bothered. What I certainly can't be bothered to do is lug a 'proper' camera around. This one seems to do the job.

Lexi said...

I've got an old Canon IXUSi which is quite good; it doesn't occur to me to try scenery shots for some reason.

I think your secret is you are pointing your camera at the right places.