Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Postcard from the Mill Garden

There are some brave splashes of spring colour in evidence in the chilly Midlands, but spring has not yet sprung with conviction.  In the absence of abundant floral displays, the backdrop of the Castle made for the most dramatic photo opportunity on a recent visit to the Mill Garden in Warwick.

I do like to be contrary though.  And Warwick Castle does just fine without me hyping it.  So this view may be the most dramatic, but wasn't my favourite.  That honour goes to the vista from the Mill Garden summerhouse looking across the mill pond and ruined bridge - best enjoyed whilst some welcome sunlight warms your face and the rush of water over the weir provides a soundtrack.  You have your back to the castle but the natural charms of the riverside make up for it.

Forget visiting the Castle dungeons - the garden boasts its very own set of stocks.  And I'm too old for playing at princesses.  Let's face it: it's more likely that most of us would have been working for the folk at the castle than living there.  So hanging out at the Mill Garden makes far more sense.  The thought that the tiny entrance fee goes to charity, rather than lining the castle coffers, just adds to the delight.


altguy3 said...

Aw… what a lovely postcard (just what I needed to cheer me up).

And the summerhouse sounds like the perfect place for two friends to sit and chat – warm sun, the babble of the river – before lunch and ice cream!

Look forward to the next posting… which I assume will be from a far more exotic location. Can’t wait.


postcardsfromk said...

Sorry to hear you needed cheering up, Guy. Have a virtual ice cream on me - that should brighten your day.

Will see what I can do about exotic postcards. Other readers may infer from Guy's comment that I am headed overseas. Will remain on the lookout for 'postcard' opportunities from my travels.


Lexi said...

Just seen this. I want that turret quite badly.

postcardsfromk said...

Do you think it would fit on your roof in London, Lexi? Or would you have to purchase the whole castle to make the look work?

Castles never say 'home' to me. Too draughty and cold.