Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Postcard from the pub

What do you mean, 'Liverpool's a strange place for a holiday'? It certainly kept me busy and interested. From the musical history at 'The Beat Goes On' exhibition to the social history in 'Seized: Customs and Revenue Uncovered' at the Maritime Museum. From oil paintings at the Tate to Antony Gormley's men on Crosby Beach. From the spooky entertainment of the Shiverpool ghost tour to the cheeky Superlambananas – the city has something to interest everyone.

Best thing though, are the pubs. Here in Brum you can't escape from the huge, soulless, identikit chain pubs. In Liverpool they're blessed with a cosy, classic pub around every corner. And the people are so friendly, happy to chat to anyone – even invite strangers to join their whisky tasting club for the night (shouldn't have done that on an empty stomach). My tips – try the local brew – Cains – and eat at the Everyman Bistro.


PLJAIKJ said...

If you were in the Philharmonic, did you visit the loo? You wouldn't see anything like that in Weatherspoons!

postcardsfromk said...

J visited the gents to see the fabulous urinals! I visited the ladies and was disappointed by the quality of the chipboard partitions... As usual, it's all about the men!