Friday, September 26, 2008

Postcard from Totnes

Totnes has so much going for it. First, there's the route in by train – cutting along the Exe estuary and the coast, in and out of hewn tunnels, right up against the water. I almost wished it had been a stormy day. Then, there are the buildings – so much history in every brick along the high street. Can it be true that the largest number of listed buildings in any town is found here? Could be from how the place looks.

Having to walk up a steep hill to see these buildings justifies stopping for cake. Fortunately, there's a fine selection of cafes and interesting, counter-culture shops to browse around. My visit to Totnes was certainly the first time I found myself reading a window display inviting me to weave my own coffin.

As the photo shows, it's a big feeling town in a very rural setting. I was there less than 24 hours, but I'd happily return – is the invite still open, Ali & Dave?

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