Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Postcard from The Retort

Kings Heath High Street is 'paint by numbers' – put a Boots just there, a Sainsburys up the top, you'll need a McDonalds, then fill in the gaps with charity shops and take aways. Venture into the side streets though, and things start to improve (well, choose your street carefully…).

The first Sunday of the month is Retort Cabaret night at the Kitchen Garden Café on York Road. They host a mix of live music, comedy, poetry, magic and almost anything else that can be performed. The quality is mixed but this month I was impressed by two headlining acts familiar to national tv and radio. Shazia Mirza made us all laugh and Rebecca Hollweg strummed and sang a blend of folk and jazz that sent everyone home happy. And there's a great selection of organic wines and beers too!

Kings Heath's not boring, you just have to know where, and when, to look.

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Anne Brooke said...

Jazz & folk - fabulous! I don't think we get that in Surrey ...


Love & hugs